Posted by: todung | 26 March 2008

World and Going Beyond It (1)

Dear Todung,

Do not mistake the raft for the shore. I do not say that rafts are
not important. They are, but once you reach the shore, a raft is
required no longer. Yet what I say only concerns you, who have
crossed the ocean of life and death and gone beyond all dualities.

Until then, rafts are necessary. People will always need them; they
will always be in demand. At no time in human history will such
rafs cease to be in demand.

When I say you need a raft no longer, let me repeat myself once
again – it is true in your case. Do not say that rafts are not
important. It has well served your purpose, what right do you have
to discredit it now? Withoud it you will never have crossed this
turbulent ocean.

Yet, you must not cling to it. For shore is your destiny, a raft
takes you to your destiny. Religions are like rafts. Rafts of
different speeds even, yet all of them serve one, only one and the
same purpose – that of taking you across Samsara, the ocean of life
and death. Understand this very clearly.

Religion is important. It will remain so, for without it you cannot
go beyond Samsara. It is only once in a while, that you find a good
swimmer, a very good swimmer, who knows where his strength comes
from, but he swims across. Who knows how he does it, but he does
it. He swims his way across Samsara. He fights the waves, the storm
and he is alone, by himself. Consider this to be an accident. This
is not a general rule of thumb, yet it does happen. For most of us,
we need a raft to ferry us across.

But once you are there, once you reach your destination, you need
the raft no longer. Allow others to use it. You should not
criticize those who are using it, for you too once used it.

What is that other shore like? Some call it heaven, the kingdom of
God. Yet many believe it to be Nirvana, the Great Void. Others
choose to describe it as Moksha, the Great Whole, the State of
Perfection, of Bliss or Ananda. Those who know describe The One in
so many different ways.

All of these explanations are correct. The Heaven, the Kingdom of
God is Void of All Dualities, it is a State of Perfection, of
Eternal Bliss. All become One and one become All. This then is the

Don’t waste your time in arguing over whose raft is better. Your
arguments prove your ignorance. You have not seen the other shore
as yet; you have never been there. Once you get there, you will
regret it, you will regret that you ever argued over such petty

Arrive at that shore of Oneness and then, only then, will you
realize what Truth is. Start sailing, but always remember the old
saying: The raft is not the shore…

– Life, A Traveler’s Guide to Journey Within ( page 7 )

Love, Love and Love,
Anand Krishna

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Jl. Sunter Mas Barat II-E, Block H-10/1,
Jakarta 14350 – Indonesia

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