Posted by: todung | 28 March 2008

Finding Life between two Poles of Pleasure and Pain (6)

Dear Todung,

We want to be happy? Happiness is sweet, pleasure is desirable. And
sorrow, who wants to have sorrow? Who wants to feel pain? Yes,
happiness is sweet, sweet like sugar, but don’t ever have too much
of it. It will spoil your taste.

Without sugar, your coffee will taste bland, bitter. If you are use
to having your coffee black, no sugar, then it is okay. Then you
don’t need sugar. But if you want your coffee sweet, then you will
need sugar. You cannot do without sugar.

There are people in this very world, who like their coffee black
without sugar. They look so melancholy, so serious. Looking at
them, you feel pity for them. Is that life? No, you must add some
sweetness into your life. Put some sugar in your coffee. But then,
to sweeten one cup of coffee, you surely don’t need one cup of
sugar, just a teaspoon, two perhaps, or three at the maximum. More
than that, it will spoil the taste.

And remember, it must be your own decision. You know how much sugar
you need. I cannot decide for you; no one else can. It must be to
your satisfaction, to suit your taste. How much of it you need, the
decision must be yours.

Some people like to eat sugar raw. If you are one of them, pause
for a moment, think and ask yourself: Am I doing right? Is it not
going to tax my pancreas?

Don’t have too much sugar, but don’t have your coffee bitter
either. Add some sugar, some cream, enjoy your coffee. This is the
way to healthy living.

Between two poles of pleasure and pain, between two shores, flows
this river of life. Go with the flow and enjoy each moment of your
life, for this could be your last moment.

– Life, A Traveler’s Guide to Journey Within. ( page 63 )

Love, Love and Love,
Anand Krishna

Contact Address:
Jl. Sunter Mas Barat II-E, Block H-10/1,
Jakarta 14350 – Indonesia

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