Posted by: todung | 28 March 2008

Guru: Do Todung need one (3)

Dear Todung,

Get rid of this desire – your desire for a guru, a master who does
all your homework for you, one who holds you by your arm and leads
you all the way to liberation. No, such a master does not exist.
You will be disappointed. Your search will be futile. Nature is
such that it will never allow the birth of such a guru. Each one of
us has to find our own way.

The road that leads to liberation, to salvation, to Nirvana – the
Great Void or to Moksha, the Great Whole, whatever you may call it
– is pathless road. It has no paths, no pathways. Look at the birds
flying over you – do they leave a track behind? Look at the fish
swimming – they too do not leave any trail behind. You too must
find your own way. You have to create your own way.

Any so called guru who claims that he is able to lead you is not
telling you the Truth, or perhaps he does not know the Truth
himself. He too has yet to find his way. He too is as blind as you
are, and a company of two blind people results in total chaos.

I tell you to stop searching. I tell you to cure your blindness and
you will see for yourself, what Truth is. Your very “dependence on
a guru” is against your search. You are searching for liberation,
which is eternal independence, and you are depending on someone, on
something to attain that eternal independence. No, it does not work
that way.

Or, perhaps you are not looking for freedom; perhaps you are so
happy with your bondage that you want to add one more chain to
strengthen it. You have to free yourself from the very idea of
dependence. Be independent, be free find your own way.

And, on the way if you happen to meet a person who is already free,
consider it as a pleasant surprise, a beautiful accident. It is
your good fortune. Perhaps, in your view – this is a meeting with a
master. Consider it what you like, but understand the implication
of such a meeting rightly. The presence of such a person serves as
a confirmation to your faith. It confirms your faith in freedom –
yes such a freedom is possible. This reassurance, this
reaffirmation of faith injects you with new fresh energy. You are
more energetic now. His very presence recharges you. And remember,
such a master is not sold in the market place; he is beyond all
search. You cannot force his presence into your life. Such a master
does not come or go – he neither comes into your life, nor goes out
of it. He is a happening. He happens to you. He happens to your
life. This can be the greatest happening of your life.

If you happen to come across such a happening, then your life is
transformed instantly. A room darkened for 40 years can be
brightened in no time by a single candle. It does not need 40 years
to brighten the room. That will be a time for celebration to you.
Go and dance for joy, for now you are free; now you are capable of
brining about such happenings in others’ lives. Your very presence
will now bring about a series of miracles, one after another.
Anyone coming into contact with you will be transformed as you have

Meeting such a person brings about a total change into your life.
This is amoment of joy, do not waste it. Celebrate it. It is
beautiful and any-thing of beauty is joy for ever. From this moment
on, you shall not know again what suffering is, what sorrow is.
Life becomes a game now, which you must play. Whether you loose or
win, it does not matter. After all it is just a game.

Perhaps you will call such a happening an initation. Names are not
important; name it anything. Please yourself, but do not loose its

Do not try to own such people. They belong to noone. They truly are
masters, for they are free. And believe me, they need not talk to
you; they may or may not utter a single word to you. They will, all
the same, bring joy into your life. Look at all those roses
blooming. They bloom not for you alone. They bloom for one and all.
They speak to you only in one language, that is the language of
fragrance and this fragrance will transform your total being. Now
you shall stink no more; now you are fragrant.

Walk on, stop not. Prepare yourself for such a happening!

– Life, A Traveler’s Guide to Journey Within. ( page 37 )

Love, Love and Love,
Anand Krishna

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Jl. Sunter Mas Barat II-E, Block H-10/1,
Jakarta 14350 – Indonesia

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