Posted by: todung | 1 April 2008

Todung, Renouncing or Escaping (8)

Dear Todung,

No, your so called renunciation is not complete. You are in fear
constantly. You are afraid. You are not yet on a firm footing. You
think that you are spiritual and so you are afraid that the matter
around you may come in the way of your spirituality. You imagine
that you are at peace with yourself and you are afraid now that the
matter around you may disturb your peace of mind.

Your renunciation is born out of fear. You lock yourself up in a
room. You go to the forest and meditate by yourself. The world may
affect you, you are afraid of this. You fear the crowd. This is not
renunciation. A man of spirit is never fearful. A renunciate will
see spirit behind all matter. He cannot see otherwise, for now he
has renounced the matter-consciousness. He will not run away from
the world; he will enjoy it. He will live life fully, for he has
now transcended both matter and spirit.

Let the world label him as a materialist, so what? Others may call
him a spiritualist, not a big deal either. Let the world turn
upside down, you should not be affected. What other people think of
you, may or may not reflect your real picture, your true self – you
are not concerned with that, with what others’s opinions are about

This then is true renunciation. Be true to yourself!

– Life, A Traveler’s Guide to Journey Within. ( page 81 )

Love, Love and Love,
Anand Krishna

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