Posted by: todung | 1 April 2008

Todung, When Love Turns to devotion (9)

Dear Todung,

Hearts soaked in love, saturated with love fully – only such hearts
– can conceive devotion. Any other is not possible.

Your concept of devotion is wrong. You believe that a devotee will
reject, will deny the world of matter and embrace the abstract
world of spirit. No, they are escapeists; they are not devotees.

A devotee will make his life an unending festival of love and he
will have everyone join him in celebration. His search is over now.
He has found his beloved. He is content, satisfied. He is in a
state of perfect bliss.

He identifies himself with the entire creation. Both roses and
thorns bear witness to his Beloved’s majesty, so how can he reject
the thorns and accept the roses? No, that would not be right. So,
he accepts both night and day, darkness and light in equal
gratitude. Yes, gratitude – that is the word.

A devotee is a full timer. He does not believe in part time jobs.
Dressing up in the outfil of devotion on certain days of week and
changing to leisure dress on other days – such will not be his
concept of life.

Prepare yourself then for this full-time job and welcome the long
working hours. There are no holidays. Then to be able to enjoy such
work, you begin to love. Love the work, the task that you are
entrusted with. It is only in work that you are meeting your
Beloved. Holidys will keep you away from the Beloved. No, you
cannot afford holidays. You cannot afford the rest. How can you
live without your Beloved beside you? Life will have no meaning, no
taste, no fragrance. You must see your Beloved’s face at all times.
This is Devotion.

– Life, A Traveler’s Guide to Journey Within. ( page 99 )

Love, Love and Love,
Anand Krishna

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Jl. Sunter Mas Barat II-E, Block H-10/1,
Jakarta 14350 – Indonesia

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