Posted by: todung | 2 April 2008

A Link Between Matter and Spirit (11)

Dear Todung,

My understand of Yoga is a synthesis between the “seemingly”
material world and the Spiritual Reality which is the basis of all
things. Hence my Yoga is neither 100% material nor 100% spiritual.
It is a synthesis of spiritual science and material knowledge.
Matter and Spirit, with all their variations, graduations and
shades add to the luster of Yoga. They add to the beauty of Yoga.
It is like a melody.

In my opinion those who learn Yoga for pure health reasons are
equally at fault as those who do the same for mere spiritual
upliftment. Yoga is a science, a system of knowledge by which you
remain incomplete no more. You become complete “Poorna”, you become
“Whole”. How can you ever be complete, if you accept one side of
the life and reject the other side? Acceptance of one aspect and
denial of another shall not make you complete.

One single note can be beautiful. I do not deny this, but is far
from being an orchestra. Yoga as I understand it is an orchestra.
It is a beautiful melody. Matter and Spirit are both linked
together – this is Yoga. It is a science of synthesis. Making love
and meditation are not two poles indifferent to each other. Making
love can become a meditation and meditation can become a beautiful
act of love. They are not indifferent to each other. They may
choose to be detached fom each other. They may choose to be
detached from each other, but indifferent they can never be. In
reality even such detachment would only be superfluous.

Good and bad go together. No one can be one hundred fully good or
fully bad. A good person may have some bad sides. Similarly, a bad
person may have some good things in him. You cannot have hills
alone. Where hills are, ther valleys are bound to be. Do not be a
hypocrite. A hypocrite is always wearing a mask. He pretends to be
good, to look good. In the process, he becomes goody-goody, not
good. He tries to hide his real self behind a mask. This can never
be Yoga. This is not a religion.

A system, any system that teaches you to suppress yourself, to
cover the wrinkles of your face behind a thick make-up, can be very
dangerous. Nay, such can never be a religion. Too much of a
cosmetic can be injurious. Beware of skin cancer!

You still like to eat meat, you would like to go to pubs, and you
still like to look at girls – Yoga tells you to go ahead, please
yourself. There is absolutely no need for depriving yourselves of
those pleasures. Feed yourself to the maximum. Get fed up with
worldly pleasures, and then the spiritual upliftment shall be
natural. You will not force spirituality on yourself. Let the whole
process of turning from Dust-Consciousness to Divine-Consciousness
be very natural, smooth.

You cannot run away from your Destiny. Shake off the illusion that
you are bound. You are free. This then is the quintessence of Yoga.

– Life, A Traveler’s Guide to Journey Within. ( page 107 )

Love, Love and Love,
Anand Krishna

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