Posted by: todung | 16 April 2008


Dear Todung,
Understand first, what the word means. What you call progress is in
fact no progress at all. Having walked some distance in life does
not necessarily make you progressive. You were a salary-man;; now
you have a business of your own; or you may have built a business
empire. Perhaps you are a tycoon, a taipan, a business magnate. You
have made it, you have succeeded. But remember, you are not the
only one. Before you, there have been tycoons; after you there will
still be tycoons. In fact you are surrounded by so many of your
contemporaries. You are not unique; you are not the only one. You
are very much a product of this same social system, of this
society. A thief, a beggar and a rich man like you, are all the
same products of this very social system. You are part of the crowd.

You will follow a Jesus, a Siddharta, a Krishna or a Muhammad. You
will be an imitator. You are not original. You are far from being
unique, and therefore definitely not progressive. You are
progressive and creative only when you are not trying to imitate
anyone else. Remain what you are, that will already be the first
step towards becoming progressive.

A progressive person does not stop. He goes on, he moves on. A
person, who is rich and still accumulating some more wealth, has
stopped progressing. What next? If such a question does not arise,
if visions of strange lands and undreamt possibilities do not hount
him, then know for certain that he has stopped. He is in one floor
of lif’es Department Store; he is walking, he is shopping; many new
experiences – yes, but just one floor, one dimension. How far can
he go?

A progressive person lives from moment to moment. He is ever in
present. Thoughts of past and worries about future do not disturb
or bother him. Know this to be enlightenment!

Awareness is enlightenment. This is Nirvana; this is Moksha,
Salvation, Eternal Freedom. You are now in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Yes stop not. Remember, a progressive person never stops. There is
no full stop, no periods. Enlightened, he is now all the more
progressive. He will fall upon the society as a thunderbolt. He may
not be accepted, but then who cares? He dance in ecstasy, and he
sings for joy. He laughs and celebrates life. He is years ahead of
his time.  He may be poisoned or shot to death now, and worshipped
by the same society after his death – who cares? Birth and death
are but just two different terminals. Life goes on and he too will
go on.

He is The Eternal-Traveler, traveling through life. By chance, if
you meet him on the road, rejoice, walk some distance with him.

Have a pleasant journey!

– Life, A Traveler’s Guide to Journey Within. ( page 113 )

Love, Love and Love,
Anand Krishna

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Jakarta 14350 – Indonesia

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